Documentation & technical Writing

Need expert assistance with your software documentation? Our writers understand research technology and practices inside out.

What we do

meaning are specialists in documentation and training around software for market research. Our aim is to create an interface of understanding between your software and your users.

Training materials

We will help you identify the different audiences you will be sharing information with and choose the right combination of training resources you will need. These could be for users to train themselves, for you to deliver, or a combination. 

We develop training resources for you and your users that will:

  • Promote better use and understanding of your software
  • Increase customer commitment to your products
  • Reduce the burden on support

Documentation planning & creation

We can create new manuals and online help for your software, or refresh your existing materials.

We will produce materials that are relevant to your software and your users that will be easy to follow and full of practical examples. We can provide just the level of documentation you need from detailed reference manuals to brief getting started guides, or knowledge base articles and FAQs. Plus, we can help your own internal team to produce great materials too.

User interface auditing

Everyone wants their software to be intuitive, but achieving it means attention to detail at every stage of the interface design.

We can give your product’s user interface a top-to-bottom audit, drawing on our deep knowledge of market research practices and our exposure to a wide range of different software products over the years. We can recommend improvements, often as simple as terminology changes, that will make your interface crystal clear to the widest spectrum of future users. 

How we create really good documentation and training resources

Our approach

We will start by creating an overall plan, taking into account any resources you already have. We will think holistically about what resources different audiences require, from new users through to experienced product champions. 

Importantly, we will relieve your developers of the burden of writing user documentation. Because we too have a technical background, we can work efficiently with them, often using the internal source documentation they have created. But we will leave you with materials you will easily be able to maintain in-house using your own resources.

We will work flexibly within the budget you have, prioritising the materials you most need to get started.

Appealing, branded materials

Documentation should of course aid the use of the product – but we are also keenly aware that it is a key part of the product and company image, so presentation style is important. We will work to your organisation’s house style (writing and presentation styles). If you require assistance with developing a house style guide for your technical documentation, we can also provide this.

Clear writing

Our approach is to make the writing almost invisible so that it is the content that makes an impact on the reader. Clarity comes from taking care over what we present, how we organise the material and over how much we say (less is usually more, here). Clarity also comes from how we craft examples that perfectly illustrate each point without adding clutter. 

We write from the perspective of the user, not merely about what the software does, but how they apply it to the work they need to do. We don’t use jargon or make assumptions. We make sense of a mass of detail by giving it structure and context.  

Our background

We have decades of combined experience in writing market research software technical documentation, and knowledge of market research terminology and the market research process.

We have experience of producing documentation on a number of documentation platforms and can provide recommendations on the best approach to take. 

The benefits of good end-user documentation

Reduce support costs

Good documentation will help users solve new problems before they become a support issue. Reducing the burden on support saves your users time and saves you money. Make your documentation library the go-to place for users with questions.

Keep customers happy

When users can easily find the information that answers new questions as they arise, they will be deepening their trust and commitment in your software. Users are often unaware of all your software can do. Good documentation bridges that gap.

Make your product more appealing

Prospective customers will search the web for information on your product, and if they find good documentation this will not only be reassuring but may make them aware of just how much your product does.

Don’t just take our word for it

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