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Technical writing services – OLD PAGE

Not happy with the user documentation you or your technical people write?

Intro text

We are specialists in technical writing for software in the market research industry

We provide expert help with…

  • explaining your market research software to your user base
  • designing and writing technical documentation
  • updating or improving existing materials
Technical communication strategy


We can help you choose the right materials to  provide to your users, appropriate for the product scope and user level, appropriate to your available budget and time frame.

Mini narrative: they have new product about to launch (what type of product?); we help them choose what materials to produce within the available time-frame, and then what follow-up materials to produce. Knowledge Base with list of FAQs and more detailed technical articles (e.g. account set-up guide). After the launch, we produce a training course for them to deliver to new users.

Documentation planning and creation


We can design and create new technical materials for your software, or update and refresh your existing ones.


We will produce materials appropriate to the scale and depth of your product and the nature of your customer base (whether they’re expert professionals or consumers). This can include any combination of knowledge base articles, detailed reference guides, getting started materials, quick-start guides, FAQs and training courses.

Mini narrative: they want to refresh their materials for an existing product. The materials haven’t been updated in a while, and the lacks an easy explanation for new users who are getting started with the product. We update their user guide (technical reference) to reflect the latest software version, and produce a quickstart guide to help new users. We deliver the source materials, and ensure they know how to update them in future.

User interface auditing


A well designed user interface can make your product more appealing to potential customers, and help users understand and use the range of features in the software, reducing the number of support issues you need to deal with.


Over time, user interfaces can become cluttered, and the original design vision can be lost.


We can give your product’s user interface a top-to-bottom audit, using our experience with a wide range of software, and knowledge of market research terminology and processes, to make the interface as transparent as possible, with clear, consistent terminology and an ergonomic layout.


Mini narrative?TBW


Why us?

Our approach (well-planned approach?) (structured approach?)


We take a top-down structured approach, examining what you need to communicate your product functionality to your users. Before we start writing, we will work with you to devise a clear, logical structure for your technical materials that is easy for users to navigate and just as easy for you to maintain.


We believe in helping you play to your strengths, devising a plan that allows you to carry out the parts of the task that you want and are able to do, and making this as easy as possible for you.

Clear writing


We believe strongly in always using a clear, consistent writing style, avoiding unnecessary jargon. We write appropriately for the audience (consumer, professional user, technical user etc.), never making things more complicated than they need to be.

Appealing, branded materials


Documentation should of course aid the use of the product – but we are also keenly aware that it is part of the product and company image, so presentation style is important. We will work to your organisation’s house style (writing and presentation styles). If you require assistance with developing this within your technical documentation, we can provide it.

Experience ?track record? ?knowledge?


We have a combined ? years? experience in writing market research software technical documentation, and knowledge of market research terminology and the market research process.


We have a background in programming and scripting, so we have a good understanding of technical subjects.


Why document?

New section. Benefits of good documentation. Cut down support issues – less resources for them. Support is expensive. Support team/developer

Don’t take our word for it alone – read about the experiences of some of our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and with no obligation.


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