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“I’m a triathlete!”

My colleagues at meaning are in awe of me today beacause I have completed the London Triathlon. They are all used to me taking part in running races, evern half marathons, but this is my first ever triathlon.

I competed at sprint distance, which comprises a 750m (820 yard) swim, immediately followed by a 20km (12.4 mile) bike ride and then a 5km (3.1mile) run.  The pictures above (by SportCam Ltd) show me biking and running. Alas there are no pictures of me swimming . With a time of 1:37:41, I came 213 out of 715 female sprint distance competitors. So I am really proud of myself!

The winning woman, Lucy Smith, completed the course in an amazing 1:11:53.  The race took place at the ExCel Arena in London’s Docklands, with the swim in the murky, black, cold waters of the docks, and the bike ride and run on the surrounding roads, which were closed for the event.

The London Triathlon is the biggest triathlon in the world and taking part is incredibly exhilarating.  I definitely have the triathlon bug now and I can’t wait for my next race on September 21.