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New sponsor for Annual MR software survey

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Globalpark is the new sponsor for the market research industry’s annual international survey into market research software. meaning will continue to design and conduct the survey, as it has done every year since its inception in 2004. Globalpark is a major MR software provider whose product portfolio includes panel, community and survey software and has offices in USA, UK, German and Austria. The sponsorship provides not only an important level of financial support that allows meaning to do this work, but allows meaning to work in partnership with another organization that can contribute know-how and even technical support to the activity.

As Tim Macer of meaning points out: “Having a new sponsor really underscores the impartiality of this survey, and will build on the excellent legacy of the outgoing sponsor”

From 2004 until 2008, the survey, which gives an independent insight into the state of the technology in the global market research industry, was sponsored by Confirmit. It has unearthed some fascinating results,  such as in 2008 when it revealed that two-fifths of companies were  considering changing their software over the next two years, and many seemed to want to make a clean sweep by bringing new software into virtually every area.

The results of this study are made freely available every year and it has become established as a key source of reference for industry analysts, in publications, in the media and at conferences. Now, the survey will be known by the new name of The Globalpark Annual Market Research Software Survey. The 2009 will build on the existing set of tracker questions, supplemented with a selection of new questions that will focus on topics of current interest. Results from the survey will be released early in 2010.