Software consulting

Facing major decisions in your IT solutions? Finding it hard to get beyond the vendors’ sales patter?

We can help you go beyond the hype and choose wisely


Our consultants at meaning bring expertise to the difficult process of evaluating software. We are that safe pair of hands to help you to make a fully informed choice and avoid costly mistakes.

How do we do it?

  • We start by clarifying your overall objectives and then draw up a detailed list of requirements.
  • Using our extensive knowledge of the market, we suggest possible solutions to meet your needs.
  • We can contact suppliers on your behalf, anonymously if you wish, to obtain proposals and costs.
  • We assist in managing supplier presentation to ensure you stay in charge, and get all the objective data you need to make an informed choice.
  • If you wish, we can also assist you with contract negotiations, user trials, implementation planning and roll-out.

Why work with meaning?

  • We’re completely independent from any software developers, so we can be impartial, honest and objective. We’ll be on your side from the very start.
  • As management consultants knowledgeable in IT, we look beyond the software to what you want to achieve, helping you to identify and prioritise your business goals and key requirements.
  • Our particular understanding of the specialised world of IT for market research means we get to the heart of the knowledge you need: no need to worry you have overlooked the ideal software for the job. If it exists, we are likely to know about it.
  • We have well developed processes for taking you through all the necessary steps. Customers often find our involvement not only saves them time but adds a momentum to the project that ensures the job gets done – and receives the attention it deserves internally.

Don’t take our word for it alone – read about the experiences of some of our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in complete confidence and with no obligation.


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