Learning and training

Worried about getting staff up-to-speed with your new software?

Concerned that standard courses may not be suitable for your precise needs?

At meaning we are expert in designing and delivering custom training courses in the use of technology.  Good training is vital for the long-term success of any new technology. Change and growth can only occur when people are focused on the goals, not on remembering what the tools do. Good training needs to build knowledge and confidence in the technology.

How do we do it?

  • We design each course with the target audience in mind, based around their needs and what they need do, not what the software does.
  • We base all our examples on the typical scenarios from the daily working lives of the participants, to make it relevant and easily understood by them.
  • Courses can be either computer-based or in traditional coursebook form, and designed for self-study or for tutor-led instruction. For taught courses, we can be involved in the initial delivery and train your own trainers.
  • Our courses support multiple learning styles to suit the different needs of individual learners, and include a lot of hand-on practical work, backed by excellent theory and exposition.

Why work with meaning?

  • We cover the whole spectrum, from introducing new technology to non-technological users, through to advanced seminars and workshops for technicians and data processing professionals.
  • With our years of experience and many hundreds, if not thousands of non-technical users, you can trust us to produce a course that will do justice to your products.
  • We believe learning something new should be fun. People learn best and remember more when they are fully engaged and are enjoying the experience.
  • In the specialist field of market and survey research, we can provide training across a range of widely used software packages as well as the more general principles of using technology to facilitate better, more accurate and more timely research and feedback.
  • Our clients never fail to complement us on the quality of the courses we prepare as well as the ones we run.  We are happy to provide references.
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