Change management


Daunted by the thought of bringing in new systems or suppliers?

Worried about getting everyone to agree?

When significant changes are being made, such as introducing new technology into to an organization, the difference between success or failure is rarely down to the technology, but to the way in which it is implemented. It is all too easy to get hung up on the technical issues and ignore the more important human dimension. Success depends on the ability of the personnel to take to using the technology quickly and effectively. Failure results more often from poor communication, lack of user involvement and inadequate training than it does from any technical shortcomings.

How do we do it?

  • We help you to plan the project effectively and develop realistic timetables.
  • We focus on achievable objectives, measureable outcomes and open communication.
  • Our inquiry methods help you understand the risks and develop effective strategies to mitigate them.
  • We work collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders to develop the best methods for testing, training and project documentation and can even assist in their delivery.
  • We act as a focal point for liaison with your suppliers and external stakeholders.

Why work with meaning?

  • We clarify and simplify project responsibilities, as we are not the decision makers, but the facilitators. We advise, you decide, we ensure it happens.
  • Our knowledge and experience bridges both the technical intricaies of modern IT systems and the human aspects of management and leadership within organizations.
  • We facilitate better communication, by demystifying the technology to non-technical stakeholders, while being able to communicate effectively with the technical teams too.
  • Our neutral stance and outside position is a strength in bringing trust and integrity to the process, allowing problems to be surfaced and resolved constructively in a blame-free context.
  • We have well developed processes for taking you through all the necessary steps. Customers often find our involvement not only saves them time but adds a momentum to the project that ensures the job gets done – and receives the attention it deserves interally, on the way.

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