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To prevent technology issues coming between you and your goals, turn to our experienced consultants for assistance. Whether you need to find ways to objectively select new software or manage change (including new technology implementation), we’ll ensure you make progress safely and speedily.

If you’ve already chosen your new software, ensure your company makes the most of it by involving us in the implementation. We are expert in designing and mapping process around new research technology and documentating systems and procedures clearly for all to understand, and in designing training modules that you will be able to deliver internally or to your clients.

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Years of experience

At meaning ltd, we have years of experience in helping clients at the interface of market research and technology. Tim Macer, our lead consultant, is known in the market research industry as a commentator on research technology at industry events,  and is a frequent contributor to respected industry titles such as Quirk’s and ESOMAR’s Research World. Tim has written over 150 market research software reviews, many of which have been published in the research specialists press,  and are now freely available as a resource for you to refer to.

To read more about Tim and other members of the team, see our People pages.

International client list

meaning ltd is based in the UK, but works internationally, and has many clients in North America. Take a look at our Client list to see the range of organizations we work with.

Independent and unbiased

We are not tied to any particular software product, so our views are independent and unbiased – we’re probably the one source of information on technology for research that will be 100% on your side.

Reasonable prices

Our consulting fees are very reasonably priced, and start at half a day’s consultation. We provide accurate estimates for our work, so you know exactly what our involvement will cost. We save you time and effort, and can often identify considerable cost savings that you will be able to achieve.

In addition, CASRO members can benefit from a 10% discount on our normal consulting rates. (Valid thru December 31, 2013. Cannot be combined with other discounts.)

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What’s with the meaning name?

Our name describes an approach and an outcome we hope our clients and all who come into contact with us will experience. Computer technology has a reputation for being incomprehensible to those without a technology background. Our aim is to make technology understandable and accessible. Even if you understand it, it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. Our aim is to ensure our clients become confident in knowing all they need to know, focus on what really matters, and are able to make well-informed decisions about their technology. We’re meaning ltd (pronounced “limited”) not because we put a limits on your understanding, because we’re a limited company in the UK – the equivalent of an “.inc” in the USA).

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