Got questions about market research technologies? Or your market, customers or competitors? Unsure of the best direction to develop your product?

Gain clear insights about your marketplace, customers or competitors with our highly targeted research-led inquiries.  With over 30 years experience within the MR technology space, we know the products and the players, and have contacts across the globe in both market research and market research technology. It means we are uniquely well-placed to help you answer some of the key questions that will help drive your business ahead.

What we do

We will start with an in-depth discussion with you to learn about your goals and the challenges you face. From this we will create a plan of enquiry that will deliver the information, insights and guidance you are seeking. 

The research plan we formulate will always take into account your priorities, timescales and the budget you have. By fixing costs at the outset you will know you are also in full control of the expense. 

At an early stage, if we are looking at software product, we will ask you to give us a detailed demonstration of it. We may also include some primary research to provide data and increase objectivity. For example, we might speak to other key players within your organisation or to actual or potential clients. Our deep knowledge of both technology and market research means we can speak to industry associates as peers, with an empathy and understanding that never fails to yield valuable insights.

Desk research

Starting the inquiry with some desk research will ensure that, in this fast-moving world, the knowledge we provide is up-to-date. With our experience, we are exceptionally well placed to understand technical information.


Quantitative research

An element of quantitative research can be useful to provide confirmatory and more objective data, especially when building a case with other partners or investors.


In-depth interviews

Well-placed in-depth interviews with industry leaders or key subject experts can provide some of the richest insights. We have a network of contacts across the industry and the mutual respect you need for meaningful discussions.

Online discussion forums

We speak the language of the industry, so have the ability to guide the discussion effectively. Online discussion forums bring experts from different organisations together and help to bring a common understanding.

Why meaning?

No matter what country or time zone you are in, we are happy to help. We have customers worldwide.

  •     We’re happy to work on projects large and small because each one is individually designed.
  •     Our consultants are commercially-minded but understand the finer points of technology.
  •     As outsiders we are able to view your product in a new and refreshing light.
  •     Many organizations have gained valuable insights from our research services. Ask us for references.

Don’t just take our word for it

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