Sheila is an international marketing specialist with particular experience in the market research software marketplace. She has worked for over ten years in high-tech multinational organizations – including SPSS, Toshiba and Xerox. Sheila has been a meaning associate since 2003.

“This is not just a dry technology report,” write Simon Chadwick and Peter Milla about the recently published Annual Market Research Software Survey in an article in ESOMAR’s RW Connect  on May 30. They continue: “it reveals interesting (and, in some cases disturbing) nuggets on trends in areas such as methodology and research ethics.” The study is in its ninth year and is conducted by meaning ltd and sponsored in 2012, and in many previous years, by Confirmit.

The pair point out that the survey reveals that mobile research is not just hype but is now going mainstream. Interestingly, they hypothesize that the reason that mobile research was found to be particularly frequently used in Asia Pacific is because research companies in emerging markets are more likely to leapfrog from paper, over CATI and Web, straight to mobile.

However, Simon and Peter seem struck by the apparent dichotomy in some of the findings – on the one hand, they point out that the industry seems to be embracing new technology; but on the other hand, they seem concerned about the “lack of willingness to change that brings into question how long traditional market research companies can continue to grow and thrive.”


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