Sheila is an international marketing specialist with particular experience in the market research software marketplace. She has worked for over ten years in high-tech multinational organizations – including SPSS, Toshiba and Xerox. Sheila has been a meaning associate since 2003.

Good marketing copy needs to work hard for you, increasing the conversion rate on your website, emails and newsletters. Here we have some pointers to help you get your text spot on:

  1. Technology product websites are often full of confusing jargon, like API, SaaS, Parallax design. Use it sparingly, unless you are deliberately writing for a technical audience. Even then, make sure you still reach out to non-technical readers with some helpful explainers.
  2. Be familiar with the industry jargon of your target audience and introduce some of it into your text. It will give your readership confidence that your company understands them.
  3. Technology marketers love clichés and hyperbole such as “world’s most powerful solution” and “cutting edge”. It fills the space but tells you nothing. Instead, try to differentiate your company by showing what’s different and how much it benefits the user. It’s harder to do, but worth the effort!
  4. To be more credible, incorporate metrics and customers quotes – ideally both at the same time! For example: “The software enabled us to deliver the project a week earlier than usual and we were so happy that we won an even larger contract on the back of it,” said John Doe, Research VP at XYZ Corp.
  5. Put yourself on the customer’s side of the table. Instead of writing “Our solution will save your company hours every week,” write “this will save your company hours every week,” or, even better “our customers tell us this feature saves them between 5 and 20 hours when setting up a new project.”
  6. Don’t overwhelm your readers. You want your words to get read. Respect that they are busy. Write short, and write just enough to get them interested. Provide links so they can find out more details when they need to.
  7. Get the tone right. For a B2B audience, your writing should be professional, but still warm and friendly. The tone is right when nobody notices it.
  8. Always have a call to action. Make your article work as a step on a journey. So think of what the next steps are, and present them, making them visually obvious. Always remember when you get to the end, what comes next?

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