Sheila is an international marketing specialist with particular experience in the market research software marketplace. She has worked for over ten years in high-tech multinational organizations – including SPSS, Toshiba and Xerox. Sheila has been a meaning associate since 2003.

The 14th annual technology report is now available. This survey of over 200 research companies worldwide provides unique, valuable insights into the technology that lies behind research.

It charts several key technology trends that go back at least ten years, which show how research firms are gravitating towards the methods that offer the fastest turnaround times and the lowest costs. Each year, the survey also focuses on areas of topical interest, which vary each year. This current set of topics are listed below.

In this year we discovered that the proportion of online surveys conducted on mobile devices was 37% whereas in 2011 it was 7%. We also learned 3% of research companies’ clients now received results on dashboards but research firms were anticipating this to grow to 23% within five years. However, Microsoft PowerPoint has stubbornly remained the leading results delivery method and its use has been increasing.

Sadly, this will be the last wave of this annual survey. Each year, participation rates have declined and recent legislative changes have made sampling costs unviable. We would like to thank all our participants and sponsors over the years, without whom this fascinating project would have been impossible.

Topical subjects covered in the 2017/18 report:

• Making surveys mobile friendly (update from 2014)
• Results delivery methods and how research clients consume data
• Automation
• Developing a digital strategy
• Plus research technology trends.

We conducted the fieldwork in late 2017/early 2018, asking participants to provide data on the year 2017. The report was published in 2018.

Download the report: Dapresy 2017/18 Annual MR Technology Report, meaning ltd, London, May 2018 (PDF 1.1MB)

Download a summary report: Dapresy 2017/18 Annual MR Technology Report Summary, May 2018 (PDF)

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