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The Annual Market Research Software survey, carried out meaning, and once again sponsored by Confirmit, is now in its ninth year. The survey provides a unique set of information and insights into software and the interplay of technology and methodology within the market research industry. It provides a snapshot of current usage and attitudes and predictions from practitioners, and identifies trends from a number of tracking questions that have been asked repeatedly across the years of the study.

For 2012, questions of topical interest include:

Panel quality and the use of incentives,
Survey length for different interviewing modes
Browsers vs. apps for mobile surveys, and
Technology considerations for communities.

Plus tracking data, in some cases going back eight or nine years, on key metrics relating to research technology and its use across the industry.

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For 2012, the survey interviewed 250 market research companies in 37 different countries, selecting individuals who are responsible for, influential over, or aware of technology decisions within their company. The sample is drawn to ensure representation of three global regions: North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, balanced to represent the relative amount of research carried in these regions, according to figures published by ESOMAR.

We are extremely grateful to all those companies and individuals who took the trouble and time to contribute to the 2010 survey.

You can also find all the eight previous annual reports in our library of reports.

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