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50 pages of charts, tables, analysis and insights await you in the 2010 report

Results of the seventh annual software survey conducted by meaning ltd, the 2010 Globalpark Market Research Software Survey, are now available. This unique survey provides both a snapshot of where the market research profession is with regard to its technology, and also, by looking across all the years of the survey, reveals some longer-term trends in how technology is being used.

Highlights of the 2010 study include new questions on social media research and the methods used to collect and also to analyse this kind of data; on survey routers used to optimise online samples, and on testing strategies commonly applied to online surveys. There are some interesting revelations about the extent to which market research is turning to other data sources as a source of insight, beyond the conventional survey, and some surprising regional variations exposed on this and several other questions too. Some fascinating longer-term trends are appearing in the areas of interviewing modes, sample use, research data reporting and delivery methods.

Based on a 15-minute online interview with senior executives in 213 market research companies worldwide, this a truly global study. It is sampled in such a way as to mirror the relative size of market research activities in different countries, and  this year, some 30 different countries are represented.

Use the link below to download the 2010 report, free of charge.

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