Acceptable use

All registered users of the site agree to accept the terms of this acceptable use agreement

In this policy, “we”, “us”, etc refers to meaning ltd, “you”, “your” etc, refers to the registered user.

  1. You may use the site for the purposes of reading or downloading the published content and making contributions using a web browser or equivalent.
  2. You must maintain a valid email address by which we can contact you, and record this address in your confidential user profile.
  3. You may not copy or reproduce content from this site without our permission.
  4. You may not publish or republish excerpts from this site without including a link to this site and where possible specifically to the content to which the excerpt refers. We consider an excerpt to be a few words or a single phrase which is typically not more than 5% of the page referred to. If you are in doubt, we ask you to seek clarification by emailing us via our Contact form.
  5. Any contributions you make to the site must be decent and professional in their content and relevant to the material being presented here.
  6. If you make any contributions which include recommendations or other observations regarding any commercial product, service or entity and you have any relevant affiliation or beneficial interest, you must state that in your contribution.
  7. You may not make comments which are offensive or defamatory.
  8. If we consider that your behaviour has breached the terms or the spirit of this acceptable use agreement, we will inform you and allow you to remedy the situation within a reasonable period of time but if you fail to remedy the situation promptly we will take appropriate remedial action ourselves, which may include removing contributions you have made and/or suspending your membership.
  9. We may edit or remove any contributions you have made without notice, if we consider a serious breach of this agreement has occurred or where an urgent remedy is required.
  10. We may terminate your membership without notice if you either severely or repeatedly disregard the terms of this agreement.
  11. Our decision in respect of to any of the above policies is final.

Your membership of this site and acceptance of this policy is not intended to and does not, create any contractual or other legal rights.

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