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Research Technology trends

  • Observations from 12 Years of an Annual Market Research Technology Survey – International Journal of Market Research (vol 57, issue 2, March 2017). Download a PDF (free to the journal’s subscribers) from the journal’s website.
  • Observations from 12 Years of an Annual Market Research Technology Survey  a paper presented at the Association of Survey Computing International Conference (February ) 2016 in Winchester, UK, Paper (PDF 485KB)
  • Trends in marketing research technology: Where we are and where we might be going, CASRO Technology Conference (May 2009) New York, Presentation (PDF 3.1MB)
  • Technology Futures: Perspectives on how technology will transform the market research of tomorrow. Stream of 3 papers by Leon Walsh, Philip Martin and Michael DeNitto, Ed Tim Macer, Research 2009: MRS Annual Conference (March) London, Paper (PDF 387K)
  • Think global, act local: a hybrid approach to data collection and dissemination, Pulse Train Users, May 06, Barcelona, PowerPoint (3.7MB) or PDF (925K)

Research Technology issues

  • Where is market research technology leading us?, CASRO Tech, Jun 02, New York. PPS (1.1MB) or PDF (3.3MB)

Market Research Technology Report

Online research technology

  • Getting the technology right: online surveys with nationally representative samples (September 2009) Daejeon, South Korea, Paper (PDF 772K)
  • Making informed technology choices for online research (June 2009) Web Research for Beginners Online Conference WR4B09, University of Manitoba, Video stream (Flash), Static presentation (PDF 3MB)
  • A review of DIY Online Survey Tools. Threat or opportunity?, BIG (Business Intelligence Group) UK, monthly meeting, April 2008. Presentation (PDF 3MB)
  • Online interviewing technology decisions: balancing performance, utility and cost. AURA, Sep 05, London. Presentation: PowerPoint (3.1MB) or PDF (5.1MB) 

Online research practice

  • Joined-up Research on the E-highway. Tim Macer and Mark Pearson, ESOMAR Congress, Sep 01, Rome, PDF (237K)

Mixed-mode research

  • Weaving, not drowning: take-up and best practices in mixed mode research, SPSS Directions, Nov 05, Las Vegas. PowerPoint (2MB) or PDF (4.8MB)
  • We Seek Them Here, We Seek Them There: innovation in mixed mode survey software, ASC, Sep 03 Warwick UK. Paper (PDF 265K)

Mobile research

  • Making it fit: how survey technology providers are responding to the challenges of handling web surveys on mobile devices, ASC International Conference (September 2011), Bristol, UK. Paper (PDF 108K)
  • Mobile technology in research – trends and perspectives, Mobile Research Conference (February 2009) London, Presentation (PDF 2.7MB) 

Data analysis and integration

  • Data Matters. Making technology decisions: What do we want from the IT systems that support this brave new world?, Data Matters Conference, MRS, February 2009, London, Presentation (PDF 3.3MB); see also Research magazine feature: Data integration, some scenarios
  • Making survey data more relevant for corporations: Why a one-size-fits-all approach will almost inevitably fail. Voxco Customer Day, April 2008, Paris. Presentation (PDF 1.9MB)
  • Islands of Data: an inquiry in ways in which software is currently fulfilling the needs of research buyers, University of Southampton research study by Tim Macer and David Birks, November 2007. Key findings (PDF 414K)

Text analysis

  • Cracking the Code: what customers say in their own words. 2007 MRS Award Winner: “Best New Thinking”, MRS Research 2007, Brighton UK Abstract (PDF 49K) Paper (PDF 2.8MB)

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The PowerPoint files available here are PPS (PowerPoint Show) files. In case you have difficulty opening them, download them to your hard disk and open them from within PowerPoint.

Annual Technology Survey

The Annual Market Research Technology Survey provides 14 years of insights into technology and methodology across the global market research industry. The last set of fieldwork took place in late 2017 and early 2018. We took the decision not to continue after this due to the GDPR laws that prevented us from emailing potential participants without their express permission.

The survey gives a snapshot of usage and predictions from market research professionals around the world, and identifies numerous trends, some of which track back to 2004. Each year, the survey also includes questions that explore three or four themes of current interest.

It is an independent survey, conceived and designed by meaning but financially supported each year by a third-party sponsor. In 2017/18, it was sponsored by Dapresy, in the three years before that FocusVision was the sponsor and prior to that included Confirmit and Globalpark.

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