Getting the decision right at Yahoo!

quotemeaning demonstrated a thorough understanding of the unique challenges we faced.unquote

The brief

Yahoo! Global Market Research carries out extensive online research into its customers throughout the world. The company successfully manages a large amount of this research using internal resources. The department wanted impartial, constructive advice to support a series of decisions it was taking that would shape the future of its research activities.

Service provided

  • Confidential software evaluation

How we did this

In a series of teleconferences between the UK and California, we helped the team at Yahoo! to understand more fully their requirements and how to achieve these. We evaluated their current activities and the tools they had in place.

We researched their requirements against our database and library of software products and analysis and gave the team an understanding of what was available in the software market, suggesting both specific software solutions and changes that they could make to bring the improvements they sought. We supported them in their decision by clarifying the options and allowing them to make rational choices based on evidence and experience.

The outcome

Adi Cohen, Yahoo! Inc., Global Market Research manager comments: “As an organization conducting hundreds of online surveys with several hundred thousand interviews each year, the technology we use has a major impact on the Yahoo! user experience and the productivity of our research organization.

“We approached Tim Macer and meaning ltd for help in sorting through the wide array of options. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of the unique challenges we faced. Drawing on the depth and breadth of his experience in this space, Tim narrowed the field of choices to those most suited to our needs. Tim saved us a great deal of time and, ultimately, we were much more confident in our final decision thanks to his involvement.”

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