Providing clarity for Centurion’s communications

quotemeaning did an excellent job – I give them an A+!unquote

The brief

Centurion Marketing Systems develops sophisticated sampling software for the market research industry. Its products and services enable researchers to integrate data from many sources including ad hoc and event-driven research as well as enterprise and CRM systems. As a new company, Centurion needed marketing materials to communicate all it has to offer to potential customers. However, it realised that it needed something more professional than it could easily produce in-house. The company approached meaning to assist in this process.

Services provided

  • Write marketing copy for new brochure and website
  • Interview a client and produce client-approved case study and marketing testimonials

How we did this

meaning was able to look at Centurion from the outside, allowing it to identify the firm’s core strengths and focus on these from the customer’s perspective. Julian Simpson, Director of Centurion, observes: “We were delighted with how quickly meaning got a very good grasp of what we are about.”

meaning helped to strip away the technical terminology, identifying the language that would be accessible to potential customers. The next step was for meaning to draw up a schematic diagram, which distilled and refined the concepts behind the software and presented them in terms of customer benefits.

While meaning was writing the marketing copy, it obtained testimonials from a major client about the level of service Centurion had provided. However, it soon became clear that this would be an excellent subject for a more in-depth marketing piece, describing the success the client has derived from its relationship with Centurion. The result was a two-page brochure, giving potential customers an overview of MaRSC, Centurion’s database sampling software, along with a case study describing the practical application of this system.

The result

Centurion has found that the materials provide an invaluable introduction to its products and services. The printed materials have been used in mailings and at presentations, and much of the copy has also found a home on Centurion’s web site.

Julian Simpson has been pleased with the quality and flexibility of the text. He commented: “We are delighted with what meaning produced. It is proving to be a very useful piece of work. We have been able to use their original work for many applications. meaning did an excellent job – I give them an A+!”

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